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By Product Expert | Posted in Dealership news, Service, Tips and tricks on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 at 11:56 am
A person filling a tire with nitrogen.

Where can I get my car tires filled with nitrogen near Mobile, AL? 

One of the secrets to having a safe and reliable car, truck or SUV is to properly maintain its tires. Your tires may look like humble air-filled rubber rings but they are so much more than that. A set of tires are the primary way a vehicle safely stays on the road, maneuvers around obstacles and brings the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop. The easiest way to make sure your tires are best able to do their jobs is to make sure they are properly inflated. You might think compressed air is the only option, but that is no longer true. Nitrogen-filled tires are the wave of the future and if you’re wondering, ‘Where can I get my car tires filled with nitrogen near Mobile, AL,’ Team Gunther Kia is here to help. In fact, our dealership is one of the few locations in the area to offer this service. 

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Why should I fill my tires with nitrogen? 

According to industry experts, there are several advantages to replacing compressed air with nitrogen to fill a set of tires, including, better handling, fuel economy and tread retention. Nothing will decrease the lifespan of a tire faster than it being underinflated. Sure, a tire will leak air if there is a puncture, but it can also happen through other means.  

Primarily, changes in ambient temperature can cause both drops and rises in pressure. When a tire is filled with air, moisture often comes with it. As a vehicle drives down the road, especially when the weather is warm, this moisture heats up and can cause tires to become over-inflated. Drops in temperature will cause under-inflation. A tire filled with nitrogen won’t have this moisture problem. 

The fuel efficiency aspect of tire health is most evident when tires are under-inflated. A tire that doesn’t have enough air in it will flatten the tread pattern on the road’s surface. The more tread that contacts the road will increase the friction the tires experience. This will directly lead to a drop in fuel economy because the engine will have to work harder. 

There is not a situation where moisture finding its way to a place that it shouldn’t be is a good thing. Moisture inside of tire can accelerate tire rot, causing them to require replacement faster than normal. 

If you think making the change to nitrogen-filled tires is the right choice for you and your vehicle, make an appointment at Team Gunther Kia today.