Hurricane Harvey and Irma Relief near Pensacola FL

Here at Team Gunther Kia, we have been able to see firsthand the damage that Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have caused. In addition to the devastation of the high winds, families and businesses have experienced flooding, tree damage, and more. With our Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief near Pensacola FL, we want to help our friends and neighbors get back on the road to a full recovery from the effects of these storms. We are doing this in several ways.

In the wake of a natural disaster, people need both the supplies to get through the immediate aftermath, and the resources to move forward and rebuild their lives. Here at Team Gunther Kia in Daphne AL, we want to help in both of these stages. That is why we have been collecting supplies for areas of Texas and Florida impacted by flooding, and are also offering some significant vehicle rebates which can help people get back on the road in a functioning car or SUV.

cleaning supplies for this in need of hurricane relief

Donated Supplies

Cleaning up after flooding or wind damage can take a lot of cleaning supplies, which is why Team Gunther Kia and Volkswagen have been collecting supplies like paper towels, cleaning rags, garbage bags, sponges, bleach, and dishwashing soap for families and locations impacted by flooding. We have been able to donate an entire four-door pickup truck's worth of supplies (including filling the bed and interior) to help our neighbors get the supplies they need.


hurricane devastation along the road near Daphne AL

Flood Cash Incentives

Here at Team Gunther Kia we are able to support our neighbors in finding a new vehicle that has not suffered flood or debris damage. In addition to a $750 hurricane relief incentive available from Kia, Team Gunther is offering an additional $250 rebate for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. This is a great way to replace a damaged vehicle in the Daphne AL area with a high-quality Kia model that will offer reliable transportation at a very competitive price. Learn more here.


Team Gunther ready to bring hurricane relief supplies where they are needed

Transportation Assistance

We know that if families or individuals are in need of a new car, one of the hardest things is going to be finding a way to get to a dealership to test drive or pick up a model. As part of our Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief near Pensacola FL, Team Gunther Volkswagen and Kia are offering transportation assistance for vehicle shoppers interested in purchasing a vehicle at one of our dealerships. Contact a member of our team for details on how transportation assistance will work.


Hurricane Irma devastation in Alabama

Part of the Community

Here at Team Gunther Kia, we believe in helping our community in any way we can. Whether that means being a part of community events at our location in Daphne AL, or reaching out to neighborhoods in Pensacola FL to offer assistance, that is what we are going to do. To find out more about how we are helping neighbors in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, or about other community service events we have been a part of, be sure to contact a member of our dealership team today.

To learn more about hurricane relief or Kia vehicles near Daphne, AL, contact a representative of Team Gunther Kia today.