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2020 Kia Soul vs. 2020 Mazda CX-3

The Kia Soul stands out among the lineup of new vehicles available at the Team Gunther Kia showroom as well as among its competition for several reasons. A close examination of the 2020 Kia Soul vs. 2020 Mazda CX-3 reveals some very interesting facts for buyers interested in this corner of the automotive industry. Not only is the 2020 Kia Soul more physically distinctive than its current Mazda CX-3 competitor, but the Soul is able to offer more interior cargo volume and legroom for rear passengers. Furthermore, the 2020 Soul has been praised by online automotive reviews for offering a lot of features for its modest price point, making plenty of space available and being very engaging to drive. Customers can take a closer look at the 2020 Kia Soul today when they schedule an appointment at a Team Gunther Kia by calling, 877-885-7998.

Kia is one of the most technologically advanced automakers in the industry in terms of connectivity equipment. Every one of the six trim grades available with the 2020 Kia Soul is equipped with a smartphone-compatible infotainment system that offers access to both the Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ suites of applications. Higher trim models of the 2020 Soul make additional equipment available like a premium sound system and additional active safety systems available. In the interest of fairness, the 2020 Mazda CX-3 is also outfitted with a smartphone-compatible infotainment system. When people are in the Kia vehicle’s rear seat, there can be up to 24.2 cubic-feet available. The 2020 CX-3 offers fewer than 18 cubic-feet in the same configuration. Owners of 2020 Soul can use up to 62.1 cubic-feet with the rear seat folded down and the Mazda CX-3 has a maximum of 42.7 cubic-feet.


2020 Kia Soul


2020 Mazda CX-3

2.0-L, 4-Cyl. Engine 2.0-L, 4-Cyl.
147/132 Horsepower/Torque 148/146
Yes Std. Smartphone Integration Yes
62.1 cu.-ft. Max. Cargo Space 42.7 cu.-ft.


Performance Specs

Team Gunther Kia customers will be able to choose between two powertrain options when they’re considering the 2020 Soul. The base setup is a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter, inline four-cylinder engine attached to a six-speed manual transmission. Some models will offer a continuously variable transmission as well. All versions using this engine will make 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. The top of the line GT Line 1.6T trim will have a turbocharged 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine under the hood that is mated to a seven-speed automatic and produce 201 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque. Owners of the 2020 Mazda CX-3 will only be able to use a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine making 148 horsepower.



An interior photo of the front half of the 2020 Kia Soul.
A photo of the rear seats in the 2020 Kia Soul.
Another photo of the rear seats in the 2020 Kia Soul.
A photo of the rear cargo area of the 2020 Kia Soul.