A Kia pickup truck isn’t as crazy as it sounds — maybe.

By Product Expert | Posted in Dealership news, Just For Fun on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 at 3:48 pm
A photo of the Mojave badge used by the KCV-4 Kia Mojave concept pickup truck.

Will Kia ever offer a pickup truck?

When people think of the Kia brand and its lineup of vehicles available at dealerships like Team Gunther Kia, they probably picture sedans, hatchbacks and crossover SUVs. Don’t get us wrong, we are incredibly proud of our inventory and we think there isn’t much these platforms can’t do. However, we can’t help but wonder if more is possible. So, will Kia ever offer a pickup truck? That is both an interesting question and not out of the realm of possibility. An article posted on autoevolution.com, written by Mihnea Radu, seems to intimate that a Kia pickup truck could be possible. Let’s take a look at what the website thinks could be available. It’s important to note, this is just a guess and none of the information is confirmed by Kia Motors America.

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A possible future Kia pickup truck is not without precedent. Around 2004, the automaker had shown off what it called the KCV-4 that was built using the old Kia Mojave platform. It was very much a design of the times with a distinctly rounded off cabin and a stance on the ground that gave the KCV-4 almost instant off-road credibility.

Radu’s article (linked here) has photos that show an artist’s rendering of what a future Kia pickup truck might look like. The headline on the article describes the rendering as ‘a (Chevrolet) Silverado-Optima Mix.’ If you click on the above link to take a look, you can definitely see the Optima influence on the photo illustration’s nose.

A left front quarter photo of the KCV-4 concept pickup truck.
A photo of the special doors used by the KCV-4 concept pickup truck.

Is this likely to happen?

The impetus for the original article’s speculation is based on a quote from a Kia executive working for its operations in Australia. According to Radu, Damien Meredith told Car Guide that the work has already begun to develop a new Kia pickup truck. Meredith’s quote included mentions of single- and double-cab configurations that could possibly offer gas- and diesel-powered engines. On a more objective basis, there has been a resurgence of midsize pickup trucks to debut or be reintroduced over the last several model years.

Historically, no automaker likes to be left out when there is more market share to be gained. The success of these new midsize pickup trucks could definitely lead to a future new member of the Kia family.

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