Here’s Your 2021 Thanksgiving Checklist!

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How to Prepare for Thanksgiving in Daphne, AL? 

Break it down. Brine. Air-dry. Dab the outside with softened butter, smatter salt and pepper, and place the parts in a pan with onions and potatoes and roast at 350 degrees. You could turn it up to 450 degrees if you want a bronze flavor. Brown the pieces. Braise them in chicken stock, with onions and other aromatics. Lo and behold! Your savory and juicy Thanksgiving Turkey is ready!  

That’s right! One of America’s favorite holidays is here. Apart from getting the day off from work, you stay home with your family, prepare a special meal, eat leisurely, and express gratitude. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a checklist to prepare for Thanksgiving, you’ve come to the right place! At Team Gunther Kia, we tell you how to prepare for Thanksgiving in Daphne, AL.  

Thanksgiving get-together
Thanksgiving Turkey

Make Your Shopping List 

Write a preliminary list of items you need to cook the Turkey. Of course, best to keep it handy in case something strikes you at the last moment. Decide on the decorations. Whether it’s candles and a vase of flowers or a basket of autumn fruits with a seasonal door wreath, you’ll have to be prepared in advance. If you are going to have your extended family and friends over, be sure to check the table settings, drinks, and pie crusts.  

Choose the Right Turkey 

There is no traditional Thanksgiving without the Turkey, coupled with stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. You could head out to Mosley’s Fine Meats or Rouses Market and choose the Turkey. 

Give Thanks! 

Finally, don’t forget to give thanks! Gratitude is intrinsically linked to your emotional and physical health. Be happy about all the good, positive, and pure things that have happened to you. Express your appreciation for the people who made it happen. 

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