If your curious about texting-and-driving laws, Team Gunther Kia has some answers

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology, Tips and tricks on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 7:30 pm
A stock photo of a person using his phone while driving.

How much is the fine for texting and driving in Alabama?

If you were to take a quick glance around the Team Gunther Kia showroom, you’d be forgiven for thinking that our product experts have their phones surgically attached to their hands. While that’s great for helping customers, it also has the potential to create some bad habits. Just about every study on vehicle safety says that distracted driving is almost always one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. That doesn’t stop people from sending or responding to messages while they’re driving. That’s why there are state laws against it. So, how much is the fine for texting and driving in Alabama? TA few Team Gunther Kia product experts did some digging to find out for you. Let’s see what they found.

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Can I talk on the phone while driving?

In the state of Alabama, anyone with a full driver’s license can talk on the phone while they’re driving without fear of penalty. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Drivers who are under 18 years old and have a Stage II license are not allowed to use any handheld communication devices when they are behind the wheel.

How much is the fine: Drivers with a graduated driver’s license and under the age of 18 will get a ticket costing them between $150 and $350. Two demerit points will be added to the driver’s record.

What about texting?

According to Alabama law, interacting with a wireless telecommunication device to send or receive text-based messages is illegal for all drivers – regardless of age. This includes email, instant messages and SMS (text) messages. However, there are a few exceptions.

• It’s ok to call or text for help in case of emergency.
• Texting in the car is fine if you are off of the road.
• Using a smartphone as a GPS device is ok, as long as it’s set up.

How much is the fine: When police catch drivers texting-and-driving, they will be fined $25 for the first violation. A second offense will bump the fine to $50 and any subsequent tickets will carry a $75 price tag. All texting-and-driving tickets will also add two demerit points to the driver’s record.

Kia vehicles are outfitted with several systems that will help drivers remain in contact with the outside world without getting in trouble with the law. You can schedule a demonstration with a Team Gunther Kia product expert today.