Does the 2019 Kia Soul come with a spare tire?

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Spare Tires: Good for the Soul?

You never know when some horrible tire-related incident is going to occur. To deal with these situations, we’ve learned it’s important to carry a spare tire in the vehicle. So does the 2019 Kia Soul come with a spare tire?

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The 2019 Kia Soul does not come with a spare tire. According to some sources, Kia Motors stopped providing spare tires and jacks to their cars in 2008. So has Kia just left their drivers to be stranded in the event of a tire-related incident? Well, not exactly.

Tire stands beside a red tire jack in the midst of a white abyss.The Way of the Future – The Tire Mobility Kit

Instead of a spare tire, new Kia models come with a Tire Mobility Kit (TMK). This kit generally includes tire sealant, a filling hose, a compressor, and a tire gauge, along with various other cables and hoses.

The TMK is intended to help patch leaks and repair damage enough for you to get your vehicle to the nearest service center, where you can get your tire fully repaired/replaced. Kia Roadside Assistance can also help you out in the event that your TMK is not doing the trick.

For detailed directions on using the Tire Mobility Kit, consult your 2019 Kia Soul Owner’s Manual, which you can find online with a simple Google search. Just use the “control F” function in the resulting PDF document and type in “Tire Mobility Kit” to find the section where they detail how to use it.

But what if I really want a spare tire?

It’s understandable to still want a spare tire for full peace of mind. That’s why Kia has made the Spare Tire Kit, which includes a tire jack, available as an accessory purchase. Check out our Tire Store to request the Spare Tire Kit or feel free to contact us with any questions about it.

Why do Kia no vehicles no longer include spare tires?

Forgoing spare tires in favor of tire repair kits is a growing trend in the auto industry. This is because it lowers vehicle weight significantly enough to increase fuel-economy ratings. Doing this helps save you money at the pump, as well as protecting the environment from harmful emissions. It also increases rear cargo space, so you can fit more in for transport.

Kia believes these benefits outweigh the drawbacks of removing the spare tire.

Where is the Tire Mobility Kit located in my 2019 Kia Soul?

The Tire Mobility Kit is located in the trunk under the floorboard cover. For more specifics on finding the TMK, consult your Owner’s Manual.

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  1. William Martin says:

    As an owner of a 2018 Forte, and recently traded for a 2019 Forte… the mini spare, jack and tools are an “option” for a price. Kia chose the tire seal/inflate package with “24/7 roadside assistance) in order to save weight and improve mpg.

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