Where Can I Test Drive New Vehicles Near Me?

By Product Expert | Posted in Dealership news, Kia, Local on Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 at 6:05 am
Silhouette of the side view of the 2022 Seltos

Brand-New Vehicles Available for a Test Drive in Daphne, AL 

Getting behind the wheel of a brand-new car and tearing through the road ahead of you is a feeling like none other. And the experience only becomes sweeter if you are buying a car for the first time. But it may not be wise to purchase a vehicle based only on its reviews or the exterior appeal. It is crucial to test drive the car to understand what it offers in real-time. 

If you are looking for brand-new vehicles available for a test drive in Daphne, AL, Team Gunther Kia might be the right place to head to. Read this blog to know why and drop by our dealership to find a range of handsomely sculpted Kia vehicles.  

Which Kia Models Are Available at Our Dealership?  

Kia has a versatile range of models that appeal to the sensibilities of different demographics. Be it your first car or the fifth one—the automaker spoils you for choices. On that note, here are the Kia vehicles available for a test drive at our dealership:  

  • 2022 Seltos  
  • 2022 Sorento  

That said, you might have already noticed that car dealerships these days are going through a temporary shortage in the models. And while we, at Team Gunther Kia, are determined to find a way out of the doldrums, feel free to reserve your favorite Kia at our dealership.   

Rear view of the 2022 Seltos
The 2022 Sorento making big splashes

We Are Working towards Replenishing the Inventory  

Do not let the shortage discourage you from planning a purchase with us. You can do several things while waiting for your dream model to arrive at our dealership. Consider trading in your old vehicle to boost your buying power. We like being transparent with you, and that’s why it behooves us to tell you that less supply could lead to the prices of models skyrocketing. Trading in your old vehicle could help you spend less and save money. Also, remember to use this time to research the model you want to purchase to make the right decision.  

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Team Gunther Kia believes in serving customers with the best deals and solutions. Call us at 866-489-3673 or schedule a test drive on our site to decide on your purchase.