Are you excited about the future of Kia vehicles and technology? If not, you will be

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A photo of the touchscreen available in the 2021 Kia Seltos.

What is Kia Connect and what can it do? 

The automotive industry is a place where technology advances very quickly. With the new model year underway and a new crossover SUV coming soon, you’ll be hearing more about a new technology suite. So, what is Kia Connect and what can it do? Kia Connect is designed to make it easier for drivers and passengers to integrate their outside devices into their daily commute. Some of the Team Gunther Kia product experts thought it would be helpful to give customers as much current information as possible. Take a look at these videos about the new 2021 Kia Seltos and the Kia Connect suite of technology. If you want to learn more, make an appointment with us today. We’ll be able to give you a demonstration of anything we have on hand.  Read the rest of this entry »

Kia CPO program takes home three ‘best of’ awards

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A stock photo of a family buying a vehicle.

Does Kia have the best certified pre-owned program? 

At first it may seem strange for a dealership like Team Gunther Kia to tout its inventory of pre-owned vehicles. We like to make sure that our customers find the best available vehicle for the money they can afford to spend. Our team has such confidence in our used car, that we can also confidently answer the question, ‘Does Kia have the best certified pre-owned program,’ with an enthusiastic yes. The Kia Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program recently swept the Intellichoice CPO awards. It is the first time an automaker has won the top three categories since 2011. The group gave Kia the top spot in the Best Certified Pre-Owned Program category as well as Best Used Cost of Ownership and Best CPO Warranty Program. Let’s take a look at why Kia certified pre-owned vehicles took these honors home.  Read the rest of this entry »

Are you ready for the new lineup of Kia crossover SUVs?

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A rear right quarter photo of the 2021 Kia Seltos parked in the woods.

New Kia Crossover SUV Review Videos 

We might be only starting the 2020 calendar year, but the 2020 model year has been underway at Team Gunther Kia for a while. These new Kia crossover SUV review videos will give potential buyers a very close look at what the current model year has to offer. The 2020 Kia Soul and 2020 Kia Sportage continue to offer several class-leading interior measurements and performance specifications. However, as we get deeper into the calendar year, the automaker will be introducing the all-new 2021 Kia Seltos, which is a new entry-level vehicle that has a flair for light off-road driving. If you’ll be in a position to take a new Kia vehicle home after the new year starts, hopefully, you’ll be interested in one these incredible vehicles. Contact a Team Gunther Kia product expert today for more information.  Read the rest of this entry »

Do you have enough car insurance coverage to legally drive in Florida?

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A stock photo of two vehicles involved in an accident.

How much car insurance is required in Florida?

Everyone is looking for ways to spend as little money as possible. When it comes to owning a vehicle, it can be hard to write that check to the insurance every month because we know that we’re good and safe drivers who always follow the rules of the road. However, that’s not really what the point of insurance is about. These policies are designed to provide protection from other drivers and the unexpected circumstances that tend to follow them. So, how much car insurance is required in Florida? There are a few rules the state requires drivers and vehicle owners to follow. Also, our team found a few other tidbits that people might want to know. Let’s see what they found. Read the rest of this entry »

Some changes could be coming for a popular Kia sedan

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A front left quarter photo of the 2020 Kia Optima.

Is Kia still going to make the Optima? 

Back in October, we shared some interesting things we found online about potential changes coming to the Kia Optima. More recently our product experts have come across some interest articles that have left us wondering, ‘Is Kia still going to make the Optima?’ According to an Dec. 12 Autoblog article, written by Sven Gustafson, the answer is both yes and no. It does not appear that Kia will be leaving the midsize sedan competition, but it also looks like maybe the Optima won’t be around in the same way as we’ve had it in the past. Gustafson backs up his claim by pointing out some very interesting patent and trademark filings the automaker has made in its home country, Korea, as well as in the United States.  Read the rest of this entry »

Kia already teasing concept versions of its newest crossover SUV

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A side-by-side photo of the two new 2021 Kia Seltos X-Line concept vehicles.

2021 Kia Seltos X-Line Concept Vehicles

Toward the end of November, as we were getting ready for Thanksgiving, Kia took center stage at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show to offer up a brief glance at its newest member of its crossover SUV family, the Seltos. Before the echo faded on that announcement, the automaker also took the time to unveil a pair of 2021 Kia Seltos X-Line concept vehicles. The X-Line moniker certainly evokes mental imagery of something pretty special from the manufacturer. It’s important to mention that the Seltos X-Line Trail Attack and the Seltos X-Line Urban Concept are just that, concept vehicles. We don’t know when or if the features teased by these models will be available, but they will certainly give us a better look at what the new Kia crossover SUV platform can do. Read the rest of this entry »

Kia offers an early look at its newest entry-level crossover SUV platform

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A front left quarter photo used by the 2021 Kia Seltos on the road.

What is the 2021 Kia Seltos?

Crossover SUVs rank among the most popular platforms sold by any automaker operating in the United States. Kia is offering its customers something new at the entry-level end of its roster with the all-new Seltos compact crossover SUV. So, what is the 2021 Kia Seltos? It is a two-row, five-passenger crossover SUV that can offer more than 60 cubic-feet of maximum cargo volume as well as the latest Kia connectivity technology. When the new vehicle arrives at the Team Gunther Kia showroom early next year, it will be available with one of two engine options as well as give customers the choice of front- or all-wheel-drive. In addition to a smartphone-compatible infotainment system, the 2021 Seltos also makes a single USB charging port available to rear passengers in the EX and SX trims. Take a look at these photos as we wait for more information to be published. Read the rest of this entry »

2020 Kia Telluride takes home two important awards in its first year of production

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A photo of the 2020 Kia Telluride kicking up sand while driving through the desert.

Is the 2020 Kia Telluride as good as it seems?

The Kia Telluride has really turned the automaker’s lineup of crossover SUVs on its head with its gobs of power, capability and technology. If you’ve read any of the posts about this cutting-edge platform, you may have picked up a feeling of just about smitten we are. If anybody is looking for a more objective answer to the question, ‘Is the 2020 Kia Telluride as good as it seems,’ we’ve found a couple of examples that should satisfy the most skeptical of critics. In the last few days, both Car and Driver and MotorTred magazines have bestowed their top honors on the 2020 Kia Telluride. Let’s take a look at what these opinion-making publications had to say. Read the rest of this entry »

Is your lease coming to an end soon? Do you know what to do?

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A stock photo of a sales person showing information to a client.

What happens when my Kia lease is over?

Leasing is a great way to get behind the wheel of Kia vehicle while also having a lower monthly payment versus buying combined with some additional peace of mind. If you’re new to this method of financing, you might also be wondering, ‘What happens when my Kia lease is over?’ Customers who are nearing the maturity date of their leasing terms have a few options they can choose from. For the most part, lease customers can start a new term, buy their leased vehicle or just walk away. The Team Gunther Kia financing department wants to make sure our customers know as much about their lease-end choices before they leave their house. Let’s take a look at what they came up with. Read the rest of this entry »

Team Gunther Kia examines the advantages of buying versus leasing

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A stock photo of people shaking hands after completing a deal at a dealership.

What are the advantages of buying or leasing a car?

There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to the new vehicles arriving every day to the Team Gunther Kia showroom. When it comes to taking a new vehicle home, very few buyers are going to trade a bag of money for a set of keys. For most of our customers, their options are basically taking out a loan or leasing. So, what are the advantages of buying or leasing a car? No two customers who visit our showroom will have the same financial situation. Our team will be more than happy to walk through your options to find the best method to get a new vehicle from the showroom to your garage. If you have any questions along the way, please reach out to a Team Gunther Kia representative. Read the rest of this entry »